Sheenginee Bhattacharjee Sheenginee Bhattacharjee has graduated in Philosophy and also holds a post graduate degree in Business Administration. She writes about losses, people and human expectation.


Itch, the book

Life is embroiled in uncontrollable forces; millions of people walking a seemingly taut, but mostly infirm tightrope, in hopes of the elusive treasure hunt of fickle gold. Their feet trample on the fallen ones, the undistinguished, people reduced to back-alley rats. Learning to fight the only perpetrator, yourself. This journey is of havoc, the blackest plagues of hearts, the search for the tunnel with the light. A slippery gray gauge of the mind plays with fiction and facts of lives, unlived and strayed. Multiple truths lose semblance, reality and fantasy mesh, making the protagonist take the long, hard, and inevitable path toward the truth. This book is about the albatross, some choices that change your life forever. It is the glorious itch.

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